Type With Pride


Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag so strongly associated with the LGBTQ community, died in March of this year.

In his memory NewFest and NYCPride created a free font, with Fontself, named ‘Gilbert’, taking inspiration from the iconic flag colours as a way of honouring him. Continue reading “Type With Pride”

The Art of the Brick DC Super Heroes Exhibition, London

Back in March I went to The Art of the Brick DC Super Heroes Exhibition in London. This is the largest collection of super hero lego artwork, using nearly 2,000,000 bricks, and covering all the favourites – from Superman to Harley Quinn.

All the work of artist Nathan Sawaya, each piece had a little info plaque stating how many bricks were used to create it, and it became quite the game to try and guess the correct amount before looking each time. Continue reading “The Art of the Brick DC Super Heroes Exhibition, London”

Lecture // Katherine Grainger – is confidence born, bred or bluffed?

oxford brookes universityOn Wednesday night I went back to my old University for the first time in nearly 10 years to attend the inaugural lecture by the current chancellor, Katherine Grainger.

The topic, Confidence, and more specifically whether it is born, bred or bluffed, is something that is of great interest of me. And relates closely to some of the books i’ve read of late.

And who better to give a talk on confidence, than Britain’s most decorated female Olympian. Continue reading “Lecture // Katherine Grainger – is confidence born, bred or bluffed?”

A Day At TEDx Oxford – X Changes Everything


I’ve always wanted to attend a TED talk, I love watching them online. So imagine my surprise when I saw a TEDx Oxford event was happening just down the road.

The day was full of great speakers, talking on a wide range of subjects – from Maths and Shakespeare, to Foreign Aid and Decisiveness, all based around the event subject that ‘x changes everything’. Continue reading “A Day At TEDx Oxford – X Changes Everything”

NHS Give Blood – Missing Type Campaign

Missing Type Campaign

A lot of big companies are getting behind the NHS Give Blood Missing Type campaign, to highlight the importance of  giving blood.

Around the world, As, Bs and Os are disappearing. This year blood donor organisations from 21 countries – covering 1 billion people – are coming together for our Missing Type campaign. We are asking everyone to ‘drop’ the letters of the main blood groups to show support for blood donation and register to give blood.

Continue reading “NHS Give Blood – Missing Type Campaign”

Techies Project

techies project

I recently read about the Techies project by Helena Price, and being a keen photographer, plus the only female in a tech department of 14, a portrait project focussing on the underrepresented workers in the technology industry was of great interest to me.

Continue reading “Techies Project”