Type With Pride


Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag so strongly associated with the LGBTQ community, died in March of this year.

In his memory NewFest and NYCPride created a free font, with Fontself, named ‘Gilbert’, taking inspiration from the iconic flag colours as a way of honouring him. Continue reading “Type With Pride”

Render Conference 2017

Render Conference 2017

I’ve been attending Render Conference since it’s first run out as JQuery Conference  back in 2012.

It always has a great range of speakers and topics, and is brilliantly organised and run. Plus, it’s a chance to get my geek on with a whole load of other developers just down the road in Oxford, what’s not to love.

I always come away feeling inspired to try something new, or look at a different technique that might be an improvement on the way I have previously implemented a solution.

This year was no different. Continue reading “Render Conference 2017”

NHS Give Blood – Missing Type Campaign

Missing Type Campaign

A lot of big companies are getting behind the NHS Give Blood Missing Type campaign, to highlight the importance of  giving blood.

Around the world, As, Bs and Os are disappearing. This year blood donor organisations from 21 countries – covering 1 billion people – are coming together for our Missing Type campaign. We are asking everyone to ‘drop’ the letters of the main blood groups to show support for blood donation and register to give blood.

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Techies Project

techies project

I recently read about the Techies project by Helena Price, and being a keen photographer, plus the only female in a tech department of 14, a portrait project focussing on the underrepresented workers in the technology industry was of great interest to me.

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Code: Debugging The Gender Gap

As today is International Women’s Day there’s no better day to write about the screening of the documentary “Code: Debugging The Gender Gap” I went to last week.

Being a female developer, the sole female developer in a team  of  10 where I work, i’d been wanting to see the film, directed and produced by Robin Hauser Reynolds, since it was released – so when White October organised a screening in Oxford I was there.

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