Developer // Accessing WordPress URL Function Values Within Javascript

During my custom WordPress theme development I often find that it would be really useful if I could just use the WordPress get_template_directory_uri() or home_url() functions from within Javascript.

For example when trying to set the url of an Ajax request in jQuery, or setting the path to an icon image file on a Google Map.

Thankfully, if you’re using WordPress in the way it’s intended, there is a very simple way to make this possible. Continue reading “Developer // Accessing WordPress URL Function Values Within Javascript”

Type With Pride


Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag so strongly associated with the LGBTQ community, died in March of this year.

In his memory NewFest and NYCPride created a free font, with Fontself, named ‘Gilbert’, taking inspiration from the iconic flag colours as a way of honouring him. Continue reading “Type With Pride”