Reading List // You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero

After one of my best friends recommended this book as being awesome it was already on my list of books to read. So when it came up as Audible’s Deal of the Day I decided, “what better time than now to start being a badass!”.

Firstly I love Jen Sincero’s style of writing. Secondly, I love Jen Sincero’s narration of her own writing.

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Reading List // You Don’t Know Me But – Clarke Carlisle

Clarke Carlisle Book

Being a football fan I do know who Clarke Carlisle is, and I already knew little pieces of his story. Chairman of the PFA, the Premier League footballer who appeared on Countdown and supporter of anti-racism in football campaigns.

I was also aware that he is possibly the only modern day footballer to speak so openly about suffering from depression. Continue reading “Reading List // You Don’t Know Me But – Clarke Carlisle”

Lecture // Katherine Grainger – is confidence born, bred or bluffed?

oxford brookes universityOn Wednesday night I went back to my old University for the first time in nearly 10 years to attend the inaugural lecture by the current chancellor, Katherine Grainger.

The topic, Confidence, and more specifically whether it is born, bred or bluffed, is something that is of great interest of me. And relates closely to some of the books i’ve read of late.

And who better to give a talk on confidence, than Britain’s most decorated female Olympian. Continue reading “Lecture // Katherine Grainger – is confidence born, bred or bluffed?”

Having A Social Media Detox

I recently decided to take a break from social media.

It was a Friday, I was feeling quite down and isolated, and I knew if I were to spend the upcoming weekend watching other people enjoying their ‘much better, more interesting lives’ online, then I was just going make myself feel worse.

So I logged out. From Facebook, from Instagram, from Snapchat.

And it’s a good job I actually logged out, because my resolution to stay off social media wasn’t enough. Continue reading “Having A Social Media Detox”

Render Conference 2017

Render Conference 2017

I’ve been attending Render Conference since it’s first run out as JQuery Conference  back in 2012.

It always has a great range of speakers and topics, and is brilliantly organised and run. Plus, it’s a chance to get my geek on with a whole load of other developers just down the road in Oxford, what’s not to love.

I always come away feeling inspired to try something new, or look at a different technique that might be an improvement on the way I have previously implemented a solution.

This year was no different. Continue reading “Render Conference 2017”