Developer // Embedding Videos Responsively

Having to add embedding Vimeo videos support to a WordPress backend I came across the inevitable “how to handle mobile” issue.

After a quick search I found this lifesaver of a website – Which very simply generates responsive embed code for a host of different media sources, including Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and Instagram. Continue reading “Developer // Embedding Videos Responsively”

Fonts failing to render when using @font-face in IE

Venturing into @font-face territory for the first time seemed relatively painless and pleasing to the eye, that was of course until I reached the root of all evil, Internet Explorer.

My sparkly new fonts were displaying perfectly is every browser, but failing to render in IE.

After Googling I discovered font squirrel, an amazing online resource which generates the .eot file required by IE from your original font file for you. Even better it provides a zip file containing a working sample (HTML/CSS files), and the font in all the other formats used by various other browsers.