Using Zend session with an HTML framset

Trying to incorporate a Zend session on a page being viewed as part of a frameset caused me a headache yesterday.

I couldn’t understand how everytime I refreshed the page to try and test the session it seemed to be reset. Var_dumping the session before and after the data was getting assigned showed that everything was getting stored as expected, but each time the page loaded, the session returned NULL again. Continue reading “Using Zend session with an HTML framset”

Nesting an onclick within an onclick

When trying to place an onclick function on a link in a table cell, which is part of a row which also has an onclick event, leads to both onclick functions being called.

After looking into how to go around this issue I used

This worked perfectly, stopping the parent onclick from firing, but when it came to testing in dreaded IE I found it wasn’t supported.

So I tried changing to:

This works just as well, not only in Firefox but IE too.

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