Reading List // The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck – Sarah Knight

The blurb on the front of this book reads…

“How to stop spending time you don’t have doing things you don’t want to do with people you don’t like”

Considering I read this book in a day, lying on a sun lounger by a rooftop pool in Beverly Hills on a solo trip to the States, you’d think this book wouldn’t really be of any interest to me. But i’m actually someone who finds it very hard to say no for fear of disappointing people, or letting them down. I’m a people pleaser, and sometimes this is a very negative personality trait to have.

You come to realise that people are actually using you rather than appreciating the effort you make, or that people come to expect too much, that you become a bit of an easy target – so I was looking forward to seeing what advice Sarah Knight passed on in the book.


Firstly she addresses the fact that the thought of telling people straight and not “giving a fuck about what other people think” probably makes you hyperventilate – true. She helpfully breaks down the art of “no fucks given” into Beginner, Intermediate and Expert levels, and gives examples of how to apply it to everyday situations e.g Other people’s weekends, co-worker’s kids, Game of Thrones, recycling, Radio 4 (at which I laughed out loud!), and social media.

But Sarah also points out things we should definitely give more fucks about, and why having clear boundaries is good for you, both mentally and physically, also when it is appropriate to take a hit to the ol’ “fuck budget”.

It is such an easy read as it feels like chatting with your mate, full of straight talking advice that deep down you probably know but until someone forces you to look at it a different way doesn’t seem at all obvious. Very light hearted and funny, whilst giving you regular reminders about a great piece of life advice…

Don’t be an asshole!


Practicing not giving a fuck by the pool

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