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I’ve always liked listening to podcasts as a way of staying up to date with the latest industry new and views. As well as hearing from other people in the industry, and their approach to certain projects, i’m always looking to pick up tips on workflow processes and techniques.

I thought i’d put together a list of the podcasts I currently listen to as a point of reference for any other developers looking for podcasts.

Some of them I listen to more religiously than others. Some i’ve been listening to for years, whilst some i’ve only picked up in the last 12 months.

Any recommendations for any great podcasts i’m missing out on are also more than welcome.

Web Development Podcasts

99 Percent Invisible

A good listen for those with a wider interest in design.

Creative Coding Podcast

I first saw Seb talk a few years back and was fascinated by his creative ideas, followed his work ever since.

CodePen Radio

Doesn’t everyone love CodePen? I recently upgraded to a CodePen Pro account and find this a good listen from the people behind the site.

Front End Happy Hour

I love listening to this on my commute home, proper chilled out conversation.


I’ve been listening to Paul’s podcast for the past 8 or so years, it was the first one I picked up on and still find it entertaining. Also caught Paul talk at a couple of conferences in the years in between too.

Responsive Web Design Podcast

I love listening to the case studies on the RWD podcast, interesting hearing how new site builds have approached their responsiveness.

Developer Tea

I only started listening to Developer Tea in the past year. With 3 episodes a weeks I sometimes miss a few, but always interesting content and great interviews.

User Defenders

Literally just become aware of this in the past few weeks, and it’s what encouraged me to write this blog post, it made me wonder how many other great podcasts i’m missing out on.

Code Newbie

Focusing on the lives/careers of different developers around the world, great listen.

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