TortoiseSVN Upgrade Breaks Subversion in NetBeans 7.0.1

After updating my version of TortoiseSVN to the latest 1.7 version, and upgrading the working copies of each of the branches I have on my local machine to 1.7, I was greeted with the an error message in NetBeans that my SVN client wasn’t the same as the files I was trying to work with.

I went to Netbeans “Tools->Options->Miscellaneous->Versioning” and ensured it was directed to the svn.exe file in my TortoiseSVN folder, still no joy. I checked my command line SVN and this showed everything was working correctly, so I installed the latest version of SlikSVN client and directed NetBeans to the svn.exe contained in that folder.

NetBeans still gives out the error.

Next I added the following line to the netbeans.conf file (ProgramFilesNetbeans7.0.1etc) in the ‘netbeans_default_options’ variable


Problem Solved.

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