Friendly url’s giving a 404 error even though mod_rewrite is installed

When transferring a ModX site across to a newly setup cloud server I could only see the home page. After running through the ModX setup process again to get the manager’s file paths aligned correctly I checked through all the possible causes of this problem in the System Settings. Still no joy, all i got was a “File not found”.

Turning off the friendly url option in ModX solved the problem of the files not being found, but when I tried writing out the full ‘un-friendly’ URL to see if it was mod_rewrite that wasn’t enabled I found the url’s were rewriting as expected.

Narrowing it down to a virtual host problem I sifted through the httpd.conf file on our new server to discover “AllowOverride” had been set to none, even for the web folders. So in the end simply adding:

AllowOveride All

to the Virtual Host declaration solved the problem.

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