Missing Type Campaign

NHS Give Blood – Missing Type Campaign

A lot of big companies are getting behind the NHS Give Blood Missing Type campaign, to highlight the importance of  giving blood. Around the world, As, Bs and Os are disappearing. This year blood donor organisations from 21 countries – covering 1 billion people – are coming together for our Missing Type campaign. We are asking

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techies project

Techies Project

I recently read about the Techies project by Helena Price, and being a keen photographer, plus the only female in a tech department of 14, a portrait project focussing on the underrepresented workers in the technology industry was of great interest to me.

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HP Magic Words Campaign

A really nice campaign and website I saw from HP this week, translated as “THE FIRST BOOK WRITTEN BY THOSE WHO NEVER WROTE”.

This is promoting HP’s new printer which they’ve combined with a speech recognition API in order to allow printing via a mobile app, or desktop setup, straight from user’s speech to the page.

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What I Know For Sure Cover

Reading List // What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey

Okay so not so much of a read but a listen. I’ve started taking advantage of Audible to listen to books on my commute to the office, and to take my mind off how much I hate running whilst on the treadmill. First up, Oprah’s ‘What I Know For Sure’, the accumulation of her monthly column

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Always #LikeAGirl – Girl Emojis

Can’t tell you how much I relate to this video!

There’s no girls in the profession emojis, unless you count being a ‘bride’ as a profession

Always asked a group of girls – do emojis represent them? Turns out not really, unless you like pink!

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Code: Debugging The Gender Gap

As today is International Women’s Day there’s no better day to write about the screening of the documentary “Code: Debugging The Gender Gap” I went to last week.

Being a female developer, the sole female developer in a team  of  10 where I work, i’d been wanting to see the film, directed and produced by Robin Hauser Reynolds, since it was released – so when White October organised a screening in Oxford I was there.

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dave heeley
video screenshot

Zero Gravity Music Video: OK Go

Another sterling effort from the OK Go boys with their latest music video for ‘Upside Down & Inside Out’, they never fail to push the boundaries of creativity in music videos, this time filmed entirely in zero gravity. OK Go – Upside Down & Inside OutHello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for “Upside

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